Sunday, January 11, 2015

DAC-ART Celebrates a New Year with Old Friends

I want to end the first week of this new year by sharing some photos taken at two fabulous events in the home of our good friends and DAC-ART clients, Jean-Jacques and Rachel Gaudel in Birmingham, Ala.  Jean-Jacques shot the picture above at their Christmas dinner, and if this table doesn't inspire festivity, I don't know what does.  The paintings and sculpture in this photograph are the works of Jean-Jacques, an accomplished artist who continues to amaze me with his talent and versatility.  The flowers and table decor are the work of his wife, Rachel, who has patiently tutored me in the art of floral arrangement, among numerous other tips on entertaining and fine living.

This second photo was taken by the Gaudels' long-time friend Michael Anderson at the couple's New Year's Eve dinner.  Ted Dial, the creator of DAC-ART, and I were fortunate to be included among this intimate gathering of friends.  The table was decked-out in shimmering gold and copper with exotic Birds of Paradise floral arrangements that Rachel made special for the fĂȘte.  As you can see, her exquisitely dressed table accentuated the warm earth tones in their dining room and adjacent living room.  The interior walls of this home are made entirely of DAC-ART, which require no additional finishes for a charming European "limestone" look, but the Gaudels opted to apply a mixture of pigment and paint, resulting in a stunning "enduit" effect.

The beauty of DAC-ART is that clients have the option of leaving the blocks "as is" with a "limestone" finish, or they can apply an artistic effect like the Gaudels have chosen, among many other finishes.  Either way, the massive DAC-ART stone imparts strength and elegance.  This is no "stick-built" home.  It will be around for many generations to come.  DAC-ART's natural "limestone" finish can be seen in the photo below, which features a portion of the Gaudel courtyard.

As we plunge into a new year, I want to take account of my good fortune and express my sincere gratitude for discovering this phenomenal couple, which Ted and I have been lucky to call friends ever since their DAC-ART project began more than 15 years ago.  J.J. and Rachel...may our friendship be as solid and long-lasting as your gorgeous DAC-ART home.  You're the best!

Happy New Year everyone....

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